Cataract Surgery Cost

Cost of Laser Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery for both eyes will cost an average of $5000. Patients are often asked to make return visits to confirm their eyes are healing properly and have no infection. The average cost for Laser Cataract Surgery is $2124.00 and roughly $1630.00 for LASIK with Bladed Microkeratome. If you are quoted more than $2000 per eye for Lasik surgery you should confirm that a wave-guided procedure will be performed.

Extra costs associated with laser cataract surgery are not likely to be covered by insurance or Medicare. Surgeons using premium implants such as presbyopia-correcting multifocal IOLs say that laser based systems are especially advantageous for these procedures. Better lens placement and more accurate visual outcomes are some of the advantages of using lasers for ocular implants. Surgeons will pay $300,000 to $500,000 plus the cost of maintenance for a femtosecond laser system. You should expect a few hundred dollars per eye in additional out-of-pocket costs for laser based cataract surgery depending on the procedure.

With a price difference of only a few hundred dollars currently, we suspect that laser managed Lasik will be the future.